Fees and Costs


Court filing fees are currently $310.00 for Chapter 13 and $335.00 for Chapter 7. When comparing fees from other lawyers make sure that the fee quote you receive includes filing fees, credit reports and Credit Counseling briefing charges. Many lawyers neglect to mention these additional costs when quoting what appears to be a low fee. The Barry Sternberg Law Office will fully outline all fees and costs at the free consultation.

Your attorney fees vary depending on the type and complexity of your case. Keep in mind that legal fees are based on the time needed to ensure that your case is handled properly. Many people seek an attorney that charges the lowest fee. A lower than normal fee, however, may mean that the attorney doesn’t plan on spending much time on your case (like returning phone calls or carefully reviewing documents). It may also mean that the attorney is simply not experienced in handling bankruptcy cases. Don’t assume that all lawyers are competent to handle a bankruptcy matter under the new laws. We see many botched cases filed by inexperienced attorneys where people have unexpectedly lost money or valuable property.

The Barry Sternberg Law Office will quote a reasonable flat fee for all services and costs after evaluation of your case. As part of the basic services covered under your legal fee, at the Barry Sternberg Law Office you will receive written materials on re-establishing credit, prompt filing of your petition, help arranging the credit counseling briefings, credit reports, and someone will always be available to promptly answer your questions or concerns. These are important considerations that should not be overlooked when deciding upon an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.