Mortgage Foreclosure Resolution

Chapter 13 Repayment Plans

Chapter 13 immediately stops foreclosure, and requires your lender to accept repayment of mortgage arrears over a 5 year repayment period.

Mortgage Modification Programs

There are federal and private programs lenders have in place which can help distressed homeowners reduce monthly mortgage payments, lower interest rates and reduce the principle amount owed on the balance of their mortgage loan. If you are eligible, we process all the paper work for you and follow up with your lender for timely results that will prevent foreclosure.

Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement Conference

New York State law entitles you to a court conference directly with your lender to help negotiate a settlement to bring your mortgage current or to initiate an expedited modification application. We can represent you at this conference so that you are fully advised of your rights and help you get the best settlement possible to save your home.

Short Sale or Relocation Expense Reimbursement

If you decide that you no longer wish to keep your property and are ready to transition to rental or other more affordable housing options, our office can help you determine whether a “short sale” will help you sell a property worth less than the balance owed on the mortgage. In certain instances, you may be eligible for a relocation expense reimbursement of up to $3,000 in a short sale or a voluntary deed transfer to the lender.